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Since 1997, 30,560 have been raised and 31,000 cataract operations have been
Successfully completed.
Positive Sight has made donations to;

  • The New Bareja Eye Hospital in Gujarat
  • The Royal National Institute for the Blind
  • Local Hospices in Lancashire and other charities in the UK
  • Medical equipment supplied to Hospitals in India, to create sustainable infrastructure enabling them to deliver services successfully.

Currently there are 300,000 people in Gujarat alone waiting to have a simple cataract operation and majority of these patients cannot afford it. Positive Sight aims to sponsor cataract operations to improve the quality of life of these poor and disadvantaged people in the developing world.

We need your kind and benevolent support to raise funds for this enormous task. Help us to help others by participating in Positive Sight events and donating generously. Together we can make a positive difference and bring back their vision which we sighted people take for granted.

Your support is vital to Positive Sight

I would like to make a regular gift to Positive Sight
Dr. Rajni Shah or Dr. Jayshree Shah
28, Belvedere Court,
Lyttelton Road, London N2 OAH (U.K.)
Tel. 00 44 (R) 0208 209 3429 - Mobile : 07976 329 404, 07837 968 617
E mail: rajniwalks@hotmail.com
or drjrshah@yahoo.com