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The Blind People’s Association is one of the largest organizations working for disability development in the country. It is known for its quality of services provided for the comprehensive development of person with disability. Its activities range from prevention of blindness and disability, education, professional and vocational training, awareness creation, production of mobility, educational and rehabilitation and assistive devices

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Other Options

1. Assistive Devices: Amount ₹
  Hearing Aids/Digital Hearing Aid 1500/15000
  Tricycle For Physically Challenged 6300
  Educational Kits For Mentally Retarded 1500
  Crutches 700
  Calipers 5000-8000
  Wheelchair (Fix) 6200
  Wheelchair (Folding) 6700
  Artificial Limbs 5000-7500
  C.P. Chairs 5500
2. Meals for blind students:  
  Meals For Boys & Girls Hostels With Sweet 15000
  Meals For Boys & Girls Hostels Without Sweet 9000
  One Time Meal With Sweets For Boys’ Hostel 9000
  One Time Simple Meal Without Sweets Meal For Boys’ Hostel 5500
  One Time Meal With Sweets For Girls’ Hostel 6000
  One Time Simple Meal Without Sweets Meal For Girls’ Hostel 3500
3. Eye Hospital at Bareja  
  Cataract Operations With IOL 2500
4. Medicines:  
  For Epileptic Children 600
  For Mentally Ill 600
  For Trainees 2000
5. Self Employment for Persons with Disability  
  Ice Box 1000
  Handcart (Lari) 4500
  Telephone Booth 13500
  Beauty Parlor Kit 5500
  Sewing Machine 7200
  Weighing Machine 1000

The revised rates implemented w.e.f. 1st April, 2017

Contribution to Corpus Fund for carrying out activities of the BPA as per donor wishes

Endowment Funds 25,000 Minimum for starting

Specific purpose donations as per donor's wishes


Dada Dadi Vatsalya Yojna, is a project of Employment Department under BPA. In our country where we do not have any social security, there are lot of old age citizens who are living the life in misery. Under this project we find out such needy elders from the various areas of society and select them after proper due diligence. We support their life in all sense by providing the financial, mental and emotional support. Every quarter in our premises arrange distribution of grocery, medicines, cash, and all the other things they require. We request you to join us and share this joyful event; make the life livelier for these people.

" We need Rs. 21,000 per quarter for donating grains to 42 adpoted grannies-both male and female. we can increase the number if our Donors and friends like you help us. We will appreciate gifts in kind like oil, rice,, wheat, tuver and mag dal, sugar, tea, jaggery, which we can distribute to these elderly persons."

We need your support for SAMHITA - 2018

SAMHITA-2013 will contain the name of the company at the bottom, a proverb or subhashita at the top. The centre will be the page of the Diary. The Samhita will thus be a Diary of 365 pages, along with chosen proverbs. The donor will thus get a composite diary cum book of proverbs along with publicity for his esteemed company.

Cover Page (Four Colour Offset Printing) Rs. 20,000/-
Back Page (Four Colour Offset Printing) Rs. 20,000/-
Illustrated Page (Four Colour Offset Printing) Rs. 10,000/-
Cover Page (Four Colour Offset Printing) Rs. 5,000/-
Inside Page (Black & White Printing) Rs. 1,500/-

Book your page now in SAMHITA and send your cheque in favour of Blind People's Association (India) Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380 015.
All donations to Blind People’s Association (India) are 50% tax exempted under section 80G of the Income-Tax Act 1961.
If you require more details regarding the donation please contact to our Fund Raising Unit. Contact persons Mr.Harmish Modi Contact number 079-2630 4571

Feel free to donate any amount you like.