About Us

BPA - ONE WINDOW SERVICE FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Blind People's Association is a professional organization which believes in providing equal opportunities to all categories of people with disabilities. Consistent with the philosophy, it works for providing education, employment opportunities, equal rights and quality life for them. BPA, understands that gainful employment plays an essential part in the life of a person because it gives him status and binds him to the society. Acceptance of disabled persons at work can be viewed as society's acceptance of these Persons without discrimination. However, many people with disabilities are still unable to obtain gainful occupation and are dependent on others. Our Employment and Placement services is a step towards providing employment as well as self-employment opportunities for people with disability, so that they can be financially independent and self sufficient. since 1984, BPA has continuously strived to provide employment Opportunities to people with disability. During the last five years, it has been successful in providing employment to as many as 1500 people with Usability who are presently employed in public as well as private sectors and ire capable of handling important assignments in banks, railways, hospitals, restaurants, etc. They are also excellent in their work as telephone operators, computer programmers, mobile repairers, liftman, etc. We also understand the importance of self-employment and provide Micro Credit for individuals who want to be self-employed. So far as many as 900 individuals are earning a regular livelihood from our self employment programmers. They have their own telephone booths, food stalls, beauty parlors, mobile repairing shops, etc. Under the "Swayamsiddha Pariyojana" project we work especially for the empowerment of blind women by providing them Micro Credit, so that they can be independent individuals. B.P.A. also give priority to projects advocating human rights for people with disabilities.

Stakeholders covered

1 Education (Campus Based Programmes ) 300 persons
2 Integrated Education In Villages 2500 children
3 Production Training 260 persons (Cross Disability)
4 Centre Based Services To Children with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple disabilities and Deaf blindness : 300
5 Employment Assistance 300
6 Cataract Surgery 3500 Persons
7 Professionals Trained In the Year 600
8 Braille Books 400
9 Community Based Rehabilitees 3,00,000