The World of the Defenseless


Helander, Einar, PhD (2007): The World of the Defenseless, Ahmedabad: Blind People’s Association (India), P. 207, Indian Edition, Price Rs. 250 only

Mhatma Gandhi About the Author: Dr. Einar E. Helander graduated as MD in 1953, and took a PhD in Biochemistry in 1957. He has held positions as University Professor in Sweden. He has been Scientist at the U. S. National Institute for Health, Bethesda, Md. In 1974, he was recruited to the World Health Organization HQ in Geneva as Chief Medical Officer for the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Programme. He has also held senior positions at the FAO and UNDP. For four years, he was a Visiting Professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is well known for his initiatives in creating community based health and social programmes.

He known around the world for his very famous publications “Prejudice and Dignity” (II Edition) (1999)

Book Review: By Poojan Parikh, Student, Ahmedabad International School

“The World of the Defenseless” is a publication that spreads awareness on the different issues related with the exploitation of children. Child abuse is a proliferating concern for the world’s economy. This book addresses the problem with a stepwise prevention programme. To achieve universal solidarity and fulfilled human rights is one of the paramount aims of the book.

Alleviating and reducing global poverty will be a major step that our economy will take. To know that child violence has victimized half the world’s population is staggering. The author gives his own perspective on the harmful consequences of childhood violence, such as their health and the damages that occur to their brains.

The author frankly talks about the erratic behaviors of different Governments. These Governments strongly restrict independent inspections and interventions of their so-called “orphanages”.

The author analyses the human condition and gives frank comments on the wrong direction the world economy is heading towards. To see a municipal hospital in a dilapidated condition is a sin to the eye. The main focus of the book is about the violence experienced by children under the age of 18. It talks about the vast proportions of child neglect confronted by the growing poor child population. The author has put in 30 years of thorough effort in making this book.

The book is designed for students and practitioners who work with children. This book can prove useful for the general public also. The main problem remains the same, whether you are a professional governmental authority or a regular layman labourer: childhood violence affects us all, in some or the other manner. This book will make you aware of the scar that childhood violence is making on the globe.

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