Promoting comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with all categories of disabilities through education, training, employment, community based rehabilitation, integrated education, research, publications, human resource development and other innovative means.

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Working steadily . . .

  • To provide services for persons from all categories of disabilities.

  • To empower and encourage the disabled to be self-reliant.

  • In the field of human resource development and research.

  • Education, Technical Education, Professional Training for the Disabled- Production training in simulated industrial settings.

  • Production and free distribution of assistive devices like crutches, calipers, wheelchairs, mobility devices etc.

  • Prevention of blindness and disability like cataract and polio surgery.

  • Services for the aged in the slums of Ahmedabad.

  • Services for the mentally retarded, mentally ill.

  • Services for the multiply disabled and deaf blind.

  • Community based rehabilitation services for the disabled in villages all over Gujarat.

Education of disabled children with normal children all over Gujarat.
The Blinds, Deaf, Mentally Retarded, Orthopaedically Impaired, Mentally Ill, Multiple Disability, Aged peoples etc. are covered under   mission of BPA