The world has changed and so has the BPA from traditional trades like weaving, re-caning, chalk making. The blind are now operating computers, surfing the web, doing telemarketing of products and services. People with disabilities are mobile on their tricycles and three wheeler scooters!! Artificial limbs provided to persons with amputation are of international quality and yet the consumer gets it free
Shri Cama Saheb
BPA Administrative Block
Shri Cama Saheb
The Braille Language for the Blind
Bareja Eye Hospital
The N & H Eye Hospital has been set up by the BPA in Collaboration of the Bareja General Hospital Trust. The hospital provides comprehensive eye care services to the persons in 32 villages around Bareja. This hospital, which had capacity of 25 beds, has now capacity of 50 beds after the construction of 1st floor. Our target is to cover whole Gujarat.
Shri Saurabhbhai N.Kinariwala Shri Saurabhbhai N.Kinariwala
Achieved so far
We propose to reach out to 10,000 people immediately and the long term effect will be better quality of life through improved vision,leading to better earning opportunities. Total Funding Received to Date: $30,450 Remaining Goal to be Funded: $41,750 Total Funding Goal: $72,200
Shri Saurabhbhai N.Kinariwala Shri Saurabhbhai N.Kinariwala

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